11th September 2021: Season close at Shobdon


Hampered slightly by poor weather in the northwest, a total of 17 aircraft arrived and 5 members arrived by road, so not quite the event that last year was with 44 aircraft but a good gathering nevertheless.

We had the yellow gazebo VPAC HQ set up in good time for the first visitors and by late morning Shobdon’s grass was filling nicely with  aircraft. Not only that, the area around HQ became congregated with VPACers busy chatting about the weather, fuel testing, cross-over induction tubes etc etc and Meg’s Diner saw a definite increase in trade. I think it fair to report that the VPAC values of flying, friendship and fun were definitely much in evidence and old friendships were re-kindled and new ones were made. Yes, it was a super day at the old “Pembridge Landing Ground.”