RESCHEDULED: 17th July 2021: Northern meeting at Bagby

We delayed our VPAC “Northern” gathering at Bagby, North Yorkshire, due to poor weather at the start of the month and here follows a very brief report as to what went on at the rescheduled event, starting with the weather. It was light and variable, CAVOK all day and the OAT got up to +30°C……Any questions? In a word, fabulous.

The first few VPAC arrivals came in on Friday having gathered at Church Fenton – sorry, Leeds East – for lunch and the arrivals on Saturday began mid morning with, all told, 20 VPAC-crewed aircraft attending together with 3 members who came by road. Many thanks are due to all the folk at Bagby who made us so welcome including Tom White who directed operations, and the field’s owner Martin Scott who was even stout enough not to succumb to heat stroke as he presided over the excellent lunchtime BBQ!