3 June 2017: Eastern Meet – new location!

3rd June was the day for our VPAC “East of England” get together at Rougham and here is a brief report for you of how it went. Well, although the day started grey and with some stratus by 10 o’clock this had disappeared and the day became a lovely sunny one as you’ll see in the low-quality pics below. As you’ll be aware we were originally scheduled to meet at Stow Maries, but due to their planning constraints we had to find a late replacement venue and, upon the suggestion of Richard Carter we tried Rougham where, I’m delighted to say, we were welcomed with open arms and genuine friendliness. Jeff Carlisle-Dodd who runs the Skyward Flight Training school was extremely helpful as were the folks at the Tower Museum who opened up especially for we VPACers; they also opened the cafe and even laid on a B-B-Q for us. Every one was lovely and genuinely pleased to see us.

I think it fair to say that all who flew or drove in thoroughly enjoyed their day at Rougham and we couldn’t have made too bad an impression on the locals since they have invited us back there and, in particular, on the 17th of September for their “Piper and Auster” Fly-In.┬áIf you are thinking about flying in to Rougham at any time I can report that the aerodrome is in excellent condition and it is remarkably smooth. The tower museum and cafe are usually open on Sundays from 1000 until 1600 until October and, with the appropriate PPR, it is possible to land at Rougham on any day of the week. Below are a few low quality snaps of the day and these finish with pics of the tower as it was over 60 years ago followed by one showing the state to which it declined before being restored and converted into the museum that it is today; it can be seen in the final pic behind Mike Watts’ Cub. Mike flew a long way to get to Rougham, but full marks are due to Paul Lathom who flew his J3 Cub complete with its original 10 gal tank all the way from Sleap and then back again, flights that required three fuel uplifts. Marvellous and well done him.

Just before the list of the attendees don’t forget that the Air Britain Fly-In at North Weald is coming up later this month and this is a notable one for we Piperistes since it is celebrating some significant Piper anniversaries including the 80th of the Cub, but, as ever, there will be some reminders via the List coming very soon. Not only that don’t forget Shobdon’s “Flying and Food Festival” that is coming up on the 1st and 2nd of July and it’s well worth booking a notional slot time right now. Again, more details via the List, but before all that, here are the VPAC attendees who enjoyed Rougham yesterday.

G-ARNJ: Marj and Richard Keech
G-FKNH: Mike Mothershaw
G-BUDE: Paul Robinson
G-ARNG: Frank Rothera
G-AXHR: Dave Dash
G-CBEI: David Sharp
G-ARNE: Ian Ward and Steve Davies
G-PAXX: Charlie Monsell
G-ALEH: John Coker and Hanna
G-AJKB: Nicola and Tom Carter
G-NCUB: Bob Willies and Linda
G-LUSK: Lorraine and Phil Laycock
G-OTAN: Jeff and Alison Owen
G-AFZL: Steve Sharp
N123SA: Francoise Cilliers
G-BIAP; Peter Bish
G-BLLO: Mike Watts
G-BSFD: Paul Lathom

By car: Colin Stearn, Kerry and Richard Carter, Sophie Grant