22nd May 2021 : Eastern meeting at Rougham

The “Eastern Meeting” of the Vintage Piper Aircraft Club, our first of 2021, was held at former USAAF Station 468 Rougham, nr Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk. Despite Friday’s weather being foul, we did hold out some hope for a few VPAC visitors to Rougham on Saturday and, frankly, it was expected that most of these would be road-borne with perhaps only a few arrivals by air from local fields. Happily, Saturday’s weather exceeded expectations with no rain, the wind didn’t gust and the cloud-base remained close to 2000ft all day. 10 vintage Pipers flew in, and a further 11 members came by road. Not only that, the Tower Museum and the café, which opened up especially for we VPACers, stayed open as long as there was demand.
Many thanks to all at Rougham who were so welcoming including Andrew Caldecott who never stopped working all day.