14th August 2021: Western meeting at Dunkeswell

Extremely changeable weather characterised this weekend, clearly giving the wx forecasters difficulty given the amount of OCNLs, TEMPOs and PROBs that littered the TAFs. The metmen weren’t the only ones having problems since during Friday’s positioning flights to Dunkeswell, all 3 VPAC “Welcoming Committee”  members needed to divert significantly off route due to unforecast rain and low stratus. Nevertheless, all made it to Dunkeswell and everything was in place for Saturday when the first VPACers began to arrive just as the low stratus in the vicinity began to clear. Once this had gone, it wasn’t a bad day at all, but there were problems in other parts of the country due to adverse weather which prevented some members attending.
We were allocated a dedicated parking area adjacent to the airfield ops and café which was very convenient, and at one stage of the day this became pretty full with aircraft – vintage Pipers ranging from Vagabonds and L4s to Comanches, plus a Hornet Moth and a Stinson;  all told we had 17 VPAC aircraft fly in, which were joined by three locally-based machines, and three members attended by road.