Aims of the Club and list of the Committee

VPAC is the supporting body for all owners, pilots and enthusiasts of vintage Piper aircraft.


1. To promote and encourage the restoration, operation and enjoyment of vintage Piper aircraft.
2. To organise fly-ins where the owners, pilots and other enthusiasts of vintage Piper aircraft can meet.
3. To provide information on the location of spare parts and of those organisations and individuals who will repair, restore or inspect vintage Piper aircraft.
4. To provide a forum for the exchange of advice and information on vintage Piper aircraft and related subjects.
5. To increase public knowledge of vintage Piper aircraft.

VPAC News January 2015Committee

Chairman: Richard Keech
Membership Secretary & Treasurer: Mike Mothershaw
Newsletter Editor: Roger Peperell
Without portfolio: Colin Stearn & Doug Palmer
Safety Officer: Richard Keech
Website: Richard Carter




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