US Classics I – Shobdon, 12th July 2014

Hosted by Pete White at Shobdon airfield.
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Weather at Shobdon was lovely for most of Saturday and Sunday. It did cloud over later on Saturday afternoon but other than a short period of light rain, the forecast of 12 hours of rain never happened and the campers’ tents hardly got wet. Not all parts of the country fair quite so well, as Pete White who’d set up the event for the Aeronca Club remained grounded at his Bodmin base. Despite the fine weather at Shobdon the number of visiting aircraft was still somewhat disappointing with 11 aircraft arriving on Saturday and 4 on Sunday.  Jo Clark, whose husband Paul is away flying for 6 months in South America, drove over from West Wales to be present on Saturday and it’s fair to say that all who attended the meet really enjoyed their visits.  The attending U.S. Classic aircraft were:

Aeroncas: G-BRHP; G-BRCW; G-ATHK       Cessnas: G-ARFO; G-BOCI

Luscombes: G-AJKB; G-BULO    Stinson: G-BPTA

Pipers: PA-22 G-ARNJ; PA-15 G-FKNH;

L-18 G-AYPM (115373); PA-20 G-PAXX;


PA-28 G-ATON (new member Keith Jones based at Shobdon)