US Classics II – Goodwood, 16th August 2014

If you couldn’t make it, you’ll no doubt be wondering how Saturday’s “U.S. Classics” meet at Goodwood went. Well, in a word, I can tell you that the day was marvellous; the folks at Goodwood were extremely accommodating and welcoming, the weather brilliant, the site itself very interesting and, despite some competing events, we had a good turnout of U.S. Classic aircraft and their owners.

Overall, the fly-in attendees that I logged were: 22 Vintage Pipers, 6 Aeroncas, 1 Stinson and one Brantley B2b helicopter (flown in by a VPAC member). Not only that, Club members also arrived in two different Tiger Moths, a Vans RV7, three came by road and, of course, there were the Goodwood-based U.S. Classic aircraft present, including an L4 and Stearman that are owned by a member of the VPAC. “Pats on the Back” are definitely due to those pilots who flew their old and slow aircraft over some considerable distances (well, considerable given that they cruised at not much more than 60 kts and faced some 20 kt headwinds) to attend the meeting and many thanks are due to all the folks at Goodwood, particularly Rob Wildeboer and Rob Gibb who made us so welcome at their lovely aerodrome.

There are some pictures below to give you an idea of the day, the final one, for me at least, saying it all: Two new members, having just joined the the Club having a great time.