US Classics I – Shobdon, 11th July 2015

The first of the 2015 “US Classics” events was Shobdon on 11th July, hosted by the Aeronca Club.

In case that you were wondering about how things went last Saturday at Shobdon, I think it fair to say that we had a successful day that was blessed with decent weather and 20 visiting U.S. Classic aircraft.

Pete White of the Aeronca Club and our own Darren Legg got the ball rolling by landing on Friday afternoon and then camping ‘neath their wings for a part of Friday night. I say “a part” since, following an enjoyable dinner at the pub in the village, they were treated to an evening’s live musical entertainment in Shobdon’s clubhouse and it wasn’t until the wee small hours of Saturday morn that they got to their camp beds!

As for Saturday itself, we enjoyed nice weather with about 10 kts of breeze blowing down Runway 27 and it wasn’t long before a steady stream of U.S. Classic aircraft began to arrive and then all began to enjoy chatting, renewing old friendships, making new ones and enjoying the delights of Shobdon’s cafe that was busy all day. Talking to the cafe’s proprietor on the Sunday it was very clear that our presence was much appreciated. Those who flew in to Shobdon for the first time were very impressed with the beauty of the surrounding countryside and the warm welcome extended by all at Shobdon. Not only that, the fund that is being accumulated in order to finance a monument to all those military glider pilots who were trained at Shobdon in WW2 has benefited since 50% of the landing fees paid by the U.S.C. visitors have been given to this fund. Certainly, the organiser of the event, Pete White of the Aeronca Club, is very keen to repeat the meeting in 2016 so we’ll see you there.

As for the visitors to the event we had 15 vintage Pipers, one member (Paul Clark) and his family who visited by road, 3 old Aeroncas, one Ercoupe and a Porterfield. There was even a Tiger Moth that came to the event and, such is the good nature of we U.S. Classicers, it was allowed to park amongst our aircraft! The list of attendees that I recorded were:


Ercoupe: G-HARY

Aeroncas:  G-IVOR, G-BRWR, G-ATHK

Porterfield: G-AFZL


Shobdon Airfield – located in the magnificent Marches on the England Wales borders – the only licensed airfield in Herefordshire and home of Herefordshire Aero Club for over 50 years. Formerly the Pembridge landing ground, Shobdon Airfield has been in operation since 1941 with a fascinating wartime history as a glider training base. Great flying country – free from controlled airspace, a brilliant fuel and food stop on the way north/south or to the wonderful Welsh countryside and just a short flight across to the coast. Come and visit us by road or air – we have ample car and visiting aircraft parking – and enjoy a very warm welcome, with lots to see.

The Shobdon Cafe, open 7 days a week, serves a great selection of homemade food – from the traditional pilot’s all day breakfast to daily specials to enjoy inside or out. Our outside seating area gives you a great view of aircraft of all descriptions landing and taking off.

Shobdon airfield also has a campsite on the airfield.