Vintage Aircraft Club 50th Anniversary: 26 & 27th July 2014

Message from Steve Slater, the Chairman of the Vintage Aircraft Club (VAC),

The VAC 50th Anniversary Birthday Weekend – Popham
This year is the 50th anniversary of the Vintage Aircraft Club. Back in 1964 a group of like-minded pilots got together to try and stop the wanton destruction of British aircraft that were deemed to be of questionable airworthiness due to the weakness of their glue joints. They formed themselves into a group that would try and save aircraft from the scrapheap and keep them flying. This was the start of the Vintage Aircraft Club and we are still trying to keep the older aircraft in airworthy condition and to gather at various airfields to meet and enjoy the sight of these aircraft doing what they were built to do.
Plans are now falling into place for our 50th Anniversary birthday party and fly in at Popham airfield in Hampshire on the weekend of 26th and 27th July. Popham’s grass runways are ideal for ‘our’ sort of aircraft and already feedback from both VAC members and members of other vintage type clubs and LAA struts who we are also inviting to our ‘birthday bash’, hint at a likely bumper turnout.
We already owe a big thank you to Popham Airfield and its general manager, Gerry Smith for their excellent support. Gerry is a VAC member and is (slowly) restoring a Percival Vega Gull, so he is most definitely ‘one of us’. In addition we will be sharing the weekend with the LAA Andover Strut, for whom ‘VAC 50’ will also be their annual fly in weekend, so we can look forward to some excellent and varied arrivals.
Thanks to Gerry and the Andover Strut, we will have a fine marquee for our base, while an ‘all-day barbeque’ and the Spitfire Flying Club will be providing food and drink on both days of the event. For Saturday night we will be organising some fun and entertainment, plus more food and drink. This fly-in could be a real challenge to your weight and balance!!
Again, Popham’s friendly and relaxed atmosphere comes to the fore. If you would like to camp by your aeroplane – that’s fine. If you’d prefer to bring a camper van or caravan – no problem, ‘pitches’ will be available, as will toilets and washing facilities. For those of a less outdoors temperament there are local hotels and B & B’s to cater for your needs.
All are welcome to share our celebrations and those who can, bring along their pride and joy and allow everyone to admire those wonderful vintage and classic aircraft.
Come along and enjoy this opportunity to see these wonderful aircraft doing what they were built to do and show your support for those who do their best to keep them flying for future generations.
Also we will be having a warm up gathering at Sherburn in Elmet on Saturday 14th June so why not come to both!
Contact the airfield for more details regarding arrival procedures and noise sensitive areas to avoid.