Our 30th Anniversary Celebration – October 2014

It was in September 1984 that the Club was formed… and its first event was a fly-in to the September barbeque of Sywell’s aero club, a get-together that was organised by the original Chairman, Tony Whitlock and our very own Colin Stearn who, as you know, still serves on the committee of the Club. In fact, it was Colin who brought this birthday to the attention of the present day Club and we all thought that 30 years should not be quietly passed by since the decision and drive of Colin and Tony those years ago has benefited many of we vintage Piperistes over the years.

To mark the event we went back to Sywell on Saturday the 4th of October this year. And despite the very damp and cloudy weather that persisted until mid-afternoon, 25 of us sat down to enjoy our birthday luncheon and a fine sociable time was had by all. Speeches were made (short ones) and presentations awarded to our club’s two founders, Tony Whitlock and Colin Stearn together with flowers for their wives.

Clearly, given the weather, everyone who attended drove there…

…well, not quite since Mike Bagshaw and his friend flew in from Blackbushe in the nick of time for lunch. Well done Mike! Why, we even had about half of us left at the end of day since we were staying over in the “Aviator” that night so we had an enjoyable VPAC quorum on Saturday evening.

Despite the weather a great day and one thoroughy appreciated by the founders of our Club: Tony Whitlock and Colin Stearn.