Rassemblement Lessay: June 2013

As you can see, the List is now back on the air following our trip across to France for this year’s Rassemblement at Lessay (about 30 miles SSW from Cherbourg). Marj and I incorporated this into a 12 day touring holiday in Northern France which began the weekend before the event itself and it was this early departure from our shores that led to us circumventing the bad weather that prevented any other British-based aircraft making it to Lessay. Mind you, we were not the only VPACers present since France-based Alison and Richard Wald together with Denise and Richard Horner were there and we were visited by Ian and Jenny Burnett and also by Jean and Doug Palmer. Altogether there were about 16 attending aircraft, most of which were French although there were a few from Belgium. On that score next year’s event is going to be held in Belgium at Verviers over the third weekend in June. See you there. Below a few pics from Lessay.