NEW DATE: May 15th: Fishburn Northern Meet

Fishburn are welcoming us for our Northern meeting on 14th May 2016. Our meeting has been moved to Sunday 15th May in anticipation of better weather.
PPR:   The airfield is usually PPR by telephone on 0191 3770137, but on the day of our meeting the aerodrome have asked that you call Richard Keech so that I can then pass on your details to the A/G man. Therefore, on the day of the meet (Saturday the 14th with the 15th as a bad-wx fall-back day) Richard will be available on his mobile to take your calls and texts. The number is: 07443 050746. If you wish please do text the day prior to save time on the day and, if so, please let me have your name, a/c reg and type, T/O field together with a rough ETA. As I mentioned before, I should be on site from shortly after 9 local since Marj and I are planning to stay nearby on the evening prior.
The Wireless: The airfield does have a published A/G service on 118.275 and, although this often reverts to air to air usage, the airfield has said that for our day it will be manned on the ground so “Fishburn Radio” will be able to pass the aerodrome details to arriving and departing aircraft.
Non-Standard Join: The flight guide merely mentions that it’s non-standard, but that’s all. In fact since the area to the south of the field is noise-sensitive the procedure is to join the circuit on the downwind  leg. All circuits are to the north (26 RHS / 08 LHC) at 800 on the QFE and it is the norm to commence the Rwy26 downwind leg from the chimney (it’s shown on the half-mil chart) that is a couple of miles or so to the west of the field. The join for Rwy08 should be similar although there’s no convenient chimney for this runway.
Runway Gradient/Profile:   Fishburn has a lovely smooth runway whose average slope is 1.6% up to the west. However, it’s not a constant slope and there are steep-ish up-slopes at each runway threshold so one is advised to touch down just beyond the numbers where it is level. On 26 the level part is followed by an upslope that slows the aircraft nicely and on 08 the initial upslope at the threshold is followed by a level surface that runs this way until about a third of the runway’s 790 metres length. Certainly, when I landed on Rwy 26 the slopes were obvious from the downwind leg and nothing was a problem. I suppose that the only snag would be if one landed long/hot on 08 since the average slope is downhill and this slope is mostly concentrated within the eastern 2/3rds of the strip.
Booking-In:   After arrival there are booking-in sheets in the club-house and VPAC members are asked to append the moniker “VPAC” against their entry in order to gain their free landing. For night-stops there is a £5 charge and do note that camping ‘neath the wing is welcomed by the aero club at Fishburn.
Fuel:   Avgas is available from a fixed installation by the cub-house/cafe and this is currently priced at £1.60 incl VAT. Do note that, contrary to what the AFE Guide says, credit and debit cards are accepted.