19th May 2018: US Classics

In case you weren’t able to join us at Shobdon you may well be wondering how the day went. Well, I can report that the day was a great success aided, of course, by some lovely weather that I can best describe as being very close to calm cavok the day long. The list of attendees that I managed to record is below and I apologise if I’ve missed you from the list, but I wasn’t able to be everywhere the day long! Suffice to say, the folks at Shobdon were delighted with with the number of attendees and, of the 63 arrivals, the U.S Classics comprised well over half that number. The folks who run the cafe worked flat out for most of the day and many thanks are due to them and all the folks at Shobdon for making us all feel so welcome there. A marvellous day; thank you all.

The Attendees:
Stinson 108-2, G-BPTA
Piper Pacer, G-BUDE
Piper Pacer, N1502A
Piper Vagabond, G-FKNH
Piper Supercub, G-CUBJ
Piper Vagabond, G-BRJL
Luscombe 8F, G-BULO
Piper Super Cub, G-OVON
Cessna 120, G-AJJS
Piper Colt, G-ARNJ
Luscombe 8F, G-BRDJ
Piper J4, G-BRBV
Piper Super Cub, G-BKJB
Piper Twin Comanche, G-ASRO
Cessna 140, G-BOCI
Aeronca Chief, G-ATHK
Piper Pacer, G-PAXX
Luscombe 8E, G-AJKB
Cessna C165, G-BTDE
Piper Super Cub, G-BLLO
Piper J3 Cub, G-BPUR
Porterfield CP50, G-AFZL
Luscombe 8E, G-NIGE
G-ENAA, Spitfire Mk26B
Piper J5A, G-BSDK
Piper PA18, N662KR
G-ZPPY, Piper L18C

Plus 7x VPACers by road and eight non-VPAC aircraft!