11-12 June: Classic Cars & Aeroplanes

The Flying Museum Seppe (www.vliegendmuseumseppe.nl) has always had a great affinity with Pipers (four in the collection at present). After a series of successful old timer meetings in the nineties (!), they started a new sequence last year with the theme Classic Cars & Aeroplanes. Location Seppe, The Netherlands (EHSE), 11-12 June, 10 June arrivals welcome.
Hotel discounts are available (starting at €45 for double room including breakfast!), free hotel shuttle service, camping facilities, breakfast service at the airfield. No landing fees. Free luncheon package for crew.
See more at our website www.cca-seppe.nl (or an abbreviated page in English: http://cca-seppe.nl/english/)
If in doubt, ask Dicky Bird, he spent a weekend with us several years ago!